Changes To Where To Catch Your Bus In The Town Centre From 19 February

109 Days Ago 8th Feb

Making Blackpool Better Image

Town Centre Diversions from 19th February 2018


As part of the Making Blackpool Better project which aims to create better, more attractive places, leading to investment and jobs for local people, works are due to enter their next phase on Talbot Road.

From the 19th of February this next stage of work will begin resulting in the closure of the Talbot Road between Abingdon Street and Dickson Road.

This means that where your services are currently stopping or diverting could change.

The promenade will remain open during this section of the works and the tramway will also remain open and is unaffected at this stage.

Please take a look to make sure you know where to catch your bus when these works change. If you need any help, just get in touch with a member of the team.


Check here for a map of where your services will stop


Check here for a list of where your services will stop