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Changes to the Service 14 Timetable

1 week ago Thu 9th Jan 2020

Works at Norcross Roundabout that affect the service 14 are coming to an end. This means the service will return to its regular 12-minute frequency from Monday 26 January.

Don't worry, the very first services in a morning remain at the same time and evening services from 7:15 pm won't change either. There is then just a slight change throughout the day to the timetable with the service running every 12 minutes rather than every 10.

There won't be any changes to how long your journey takes either, so it'll still take the same amount of time to get to your destination as it does now.


You can check the timetable for service 14 from 26 January right here.


Paper copies of the timetable will be available in our Customer Centre on Market Street and Tourist Information Centres from Monday 20 January.


For any further information or assistance with planning your journey, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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