Changes to our services from 3rd September 2023

3 months ago Fri 1st Sep 2023

From 3rd September 2023, some of our services will be changing. These are small updates to add extra trips and provide better coverage. 

The updated services are 6, 15 and 74. 

Please find everything you need to know below. 

Service 6 

We’re adding extra trips to our Service 6 (Monday to Friday) to provide a 6 minute journey to and from Peel Park. 

Grange Park to Peel Park

Depart Grange Park at 0630, arrive at Peel Park at 0729

Depart Grange Park at 1630, arrive at Peel Park at 1737

Peel Park to Grange Park

Depart Peel Park at 0754, arrive at Grange Park at 0852 

Depart Peel Park at 1745, arrive at Grange Park at 1851 

Service 15 

Our Service 15 (Monday to Saturday) will now run 5 minutes later throughout the day to provide better coverage between the Town Centre and Victoria Hospital, whilst working with the Service 5

Service 74 

Due to a new road layout and the distance between stops, our Service 74 will turn off Avice Pimblett Way and use the bus turning circle at Lea Endowed School before continuing along Avice Pimblett Way. 

This slight change will apply in both directions.  

Need a hand? 

If you need help with route planning or have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team.