Changes to the NoWcard scheme

130 Days Ago 18th Jan

Is your NoWcard valid?

From 1 February 2018 bus ticket machines will indicate if a NoWcard pass is valid for travel. If a pass is not valid it may have been cancelled by the local authority.

Why would a pass be cancelled?

  • the pass has been replaced by a more recent pass, or
  • the pass has been reported lost, stolen or used fraudulently, or
  • the holder is no longer entitled to concessionary travel

Do i have time to replace my pass?

Up to the 28th February 2018 you will be allowed to travel by bus or tram for free even if your pass has been cancelled. This will give you chance to obtain a replacement, if you are entitled to do so.

I have two or more passes. How can i tell which one is valid?

The card with the highest 18 digit number is the valid pass.

What happens from 1 March 2018 if the ticket machine indicates that my pass has been cancelled?

  • The driver or conductor will inform you that your pass is not valid and you will be asked to pay the appropriate fare if you intend to travel. If you do not have your fare, you may be refused travel.
  • Contact NoWcard on 0300 123 6737, or call into an issuing office as soon as you are able to arrange for a new pass to be issued.

If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our team.