Changes to Your Bus Services

7 months ago Thu 22nd Oct 2020

We’re having to make some changes to your timetables from Monday 26th October. A temporary Saturday service will be in place until Friday 30th October for services 2, 2C, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 14 and 17 to help us keep your services reliable and on time.

From Monday 2nd November, services will return to their normal timetable except services 5, 7 and 9 which will continue to run their Saturday timetables Monday to Friday until further notice.

Like the rest of the UK, the coronavirus has and will continue to impact businesses in different ways.

Right now, we are experiencing resourcing challenges caused by our policy of asking staff who experience any symptoms of Covid-19 to refrain from work until they have a negative test result.  Whilst this means our buses are safer for you to use, we are already having fewer bus drivers available for work than we normally would. This is making it difficult for us to continue running the same level of service Monday to Friday.

Bus customers will already know that the current Tier 3 restrictions are also having a big impact on the number of customers traveling with us and we need to try and match demand with the number of journeys that we’re running.

So that we can avoid having to cancel lots of journeys, which would lead to you having to wait longer for your bus (not to mention the inconvenience), we are making a temporary change to our timetables.

The temporary change only affects journeys Monday to Friday and on these days we will be running our Saturday timetables. For some routes, such as Service 1, 6, 11, 18 & 20 there won’t be any changes to the frequency of the services. On other routes, the main change is just a slight reduction in frequency, typically from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes or from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes.

We appreciate that any changes to timetables can cause inconvenience but we hope that by using our Saturday timetable, many customers will already be familiar with these times.

We also feel that this is a better alternative to running an unreliable service where journeys would be canceled and unfortunately lead to a large number of buses not turning up at the bus stop.

Our online timetables are all up to date so you can check and plan around any changes by using our Routes and Maps page.

Our team are working hard to make sure that we solve our resourcing challenges and that your services continue to run as smoothly as they normally would. We will continue to match our services to the level of customer demand with safety at the front of our thinking.

X services

Our peak travel ‘X services’, in place to carry students to and from school or college will continue to run as normal from Monday 2nd November after the half-term break.

Remember, we’ve got plenty of extra measures in place so that we’re clean, safe & here when you need us.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and if we can help with any queries, get in touch with our friendly team.