Buying Saver Tickets Onboard

If you've not pre-purchased a saver ticket for your journeys, you can always buy one from our friendly team when you board.

You can buy a range of tickets from your driver or conductor however if you need to buy a ticket for the month (30 day ticket), you'll need to purchase a digital ticket, or a paper ticket from a PayPoint outlet as we don't offer these onboard.

You can purchase your tickets from our teams using contactless payments, or in cash.

Buying Saver Tickets Onboard

Adult Tickets

1 Hour Ticket £3.30
24 Hour Ticket  £6.00
3 Day Ticket £15.00
7 Day Ticket  £17.00

Young Person Tickets*

24 Hour Ticket £4.20
7 Day Ticket £15.00
*Proof of age is needed to purchase a Young Person Ticket  

Child Tickets

24 Hour Ticket £3.00
3 Day Ticket  £8.00
7 Day Ticket £8.50

Group Tickets

Family 24 Hour Ticket (valid for up to 2 adults and 3 children or 1 adult and up to 4 children) £14.00
Group 24 Hour Ticket (valid for up to 3 adults) £14.50