Blackpool Transport Introduce Safe Haven to Support Disabled Customers

112 Days Ago 29th Nov

Safe Haven at Blackpool Transport Travel Shop

The Customer Centre on Market Street, Blackpool, is now a Safe Haven for sufferers of Dementia.

Blackpool Transport have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to ensure all of its staff have received Dementia Awareness training to better cater for the needs of their customers.

Now, every member of the team is a ‘Dementia Friend’ and equipped with the ability to better understand the additional support which persons with hidden disabilities may need.

The busy hub of activity within the public transport operator’s customer centre now has a quiet area for any customers, or members of the general public, to make use of as required.

The Safe Haven, which is an initiative rolled out across the country, is available for anyone who is living with dementia and other related conditions. The Safe Haven provides a place where they can temporarily go if they are confused in public and are unable to provide sufficient information to be taken home.

Alzheimer’s Society research, carried out with people who have dementia, revealed that nearly 70 per cent were concerned about becoming confused and lost while in public.

The Safe Havens project aims to address these concerns and make people who have dementia related conditions feel comfortable and assured in their local areas.