Blackpool Transport are Clean & Green

2 months ago Fri 18th Mar 2022

World Recycling Day had us thinking. How good are we at being clean and green? As one of the Fylde Coast’s biggest businesses, we have a huge responsibility when it comes to recycling, reusing and reducing our carbon footprint. From companywide initiatives to individual actions from our staff, we all work hard to be as clean and green as possible.

Recycled batteries

For starters, every single office has a recycling bin. If our teams aren’t recycling paper they’re shredding it, to then be recycled. To reduce plastic, we have water coolers on site so staff can re-use water bottles and our Human Resources Department aim to email staff where possible over sending letters.

As a business, we reuse everything we can big and small; from general office equipment to collecting and donating used batteries and postage stamps and we have redistributed materials to be used elsewhere. For example, our Archivist has given purpose to old pallets as storage to our historic files.

We even re-use the vehicle wash for our buses and trams by adding cleaning agents and a filter so it can be used again, saving us hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year!

Fundraising for Ukraine


One of our staff is currently raising money for the people of Ukraine by creating Ukraine flag coloured arts and crafts from things we already had. Not only was this super resourceful but made completely in house, helping reduce our carbon footprint. Check out the candle!

Across the business, we’ve fitted LED lighting in the offices and garages which is much more environmentally friendly and uses less power. Pre covid, we donated old and outdated uniforms to deprived countries who needed them most. One of our staff members collects old shoes to donate to Trinity Hospice too.

The Heritage team give the public a chance to own historic bus memorabilia, like bus blinds and ticket machines, usually these parts will be thrown away. We don’t like to see anything going to waste. Speaking of waste, we take our carbon footprint pretty seriously and source almost all our inventory from local businesses. Anything from office stationery to nuts and bolts is bought from suppliers in the area or at least the UK! Not only does this reduce emissions but it supports local business!

Not to forget that our buses low emission Euro 6 engines are controlled by efficient diesel technology developed by Alexander Dennis, improving fuel economy and further reducing exhaust emissions and our trams redistribute electricity by creating kinetic energy from their braking system!

So, that’s how clean and green we try to be. What about you?