Bank Holiday Weekend and Illuminations Switch-On: Service Information

284 Days Ago 17th Aug

It’s a busy time of year in Blackpool with plenty to do and see. This does mean that our services get very busy and we have to make some changes so that we can keep you moving.

August Bank Holiday Weekend & Illuminations Switch-On
Friday 25 - Monday 28 August & Friday 1 September

This is always a busy time of year for Blackpool and this year is no exception. Livewire Festival takes place from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August too around the Tower area. This affects our buses from 13:00 and our trams from 15:00 on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August as the promenade will be closed around the Tower area. A normal Bank Holiday service will run on Monday 28 August.

On Friday 1 September, the below will also apply to our buses and trams, however the tramway will be split from 12:00pm, instead of 15:00.


Trams will run as normal until 15:00 each day. From 15:00, the tramway will be split in to two sections due to the Promenade closure. A tram service will run between Starr Gate and Tower (South section), and between North Pier to Fleetwood Ferry (North section).

Trams in the south section between Starr Gate and Tower will run every 15 minutes. Trams in the north section between North Pier and Fleetwood Ferry will run roughly every 12 minutes. We’ll also be adding some extra journeys throughout the day as well to keep you moving.

If you want to travel between the two sections you can still buy a fare for your entire journey, but you'll need to change trams and walk between Tower and North Pier (less than 500 metres).

View the tram timetable for this date, just make sure you select the date on which you wish to travel.


Buses will run as normal until 13:00 each day. From 13:00, we won’t be able to use most of the bus stops in the town centre area or the promenade as the road will be closed. 

This means that most bus services will start/finish at either Talbot Road, Dickson Road, St John’s Square or New Bonny Street. 

From 13:00, Service 1 will run between Fleetwood and Blackpool town centre only.

Most buses will run to their usual frequency, but Services 5, 6 & 7 will also be running a split service, meaning any travel across Blackpool Town Centre on these services will require a change of bus. Service 5 and 6 will run every 15 mins in the day time and the 7 will run every 20 mins.

Service 5 (to Victoria Hospital), Service 6 (to Grange Park) & Service 7 (to Cleveleys) will all terminate on the promenade just before the Tower.

You'll need to catch these buses from Talbot Road, outside Wilko's for your onward journey.

Service 5 (to Halfway House), Service 6 (to Mereside) & Service 7 (to Lytham) will all terminate on Talbot Road opposite Wilko’s.

You'll need to catch these buses from New Bonny Street, opposite Coral Island for your onward journey.

We will run a free shuttle bus between New Bonny Street - Talbot Road to help you travel across the town centre. Just ask your driver where to catch the shuttle bus from. You’ll still be able to buy single fares for your entire journey, so you won’t have to pay any extra.

To make it easy to find where to catch your bus from, use this map or the handy table below.

Where to catch your bus
Service Number Destination of bus Bus Stop
2 Poulton/Cleveleys St Johns Square

Knott End

St Johns Square
3 Cleveleys Park Dickson Road opposite Funny Girls
3 Mereside Dickson Road opposite Ma kelly's
4 Cleveleys Dickson Road opposite Funny Girls
4 Mereside Dickson Road opposite Ma Kelly's
5 Victoria Hospital Abingdon Street
5 Halfway House New Bonny Street
6 Grange Park Abingdon Street
6 Mereside New Bonny Street
7 Cleveleys Talbot Road outside Wilko's
7 Lytham New Bonny Street
9 Cleveleys Talbot Road outside Wilko's
11 Lytham New Bonny Street
14 Fleetwood Talbot Road opposite Wilko's
15/16 Circular St John's Square
17 St Annes New Bonny Street
20 Marton Mere New Bonny Street

View the timetable for each service in our Routes & Maps section. Just be sure to change the date to the day/time at which you wish to travel to view the correct timetable.

During this period, it may be easier to use alternative bus routes to get to your location. Use our Journey Planner which may help you to plan a quicker journey. If you prefer to talk to a member of the team, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.