Accessibility Information

Accessibility Information

Boarding and alighting

Buses do not stop at every stop they pass – the route number of the buses that stop at each stop are displayed there.  If you wish to travel please give the driver as much notice as possible by holding out your arm as the bus approaches.

Can I pay my fare with a note?

Change is given on our buses and trams.  However please try and have the right fare ready as this will allow you to board much faster – and it only takes a few people with £10/£20 notes to use up the driver/conductor’s change.

Child fares

All child single fares are a £1 per journey and are available from the first to the last bus or tram.  We also have child tickets available for 24 hours, 1 day, 3 day, weekly and monthly.

Dogs: We allow dogs on our buses, but in doing so you agree to carry it or hold it on a lead for the whole of the journey. Dogs are not allowed on seats.  The fares for dogs is now 50p per journey from the 28th November 2015.   There is also a Rover24 available from this date offering your best friend 24 hours of travel with you for just £1!  Woofing good value!

Guide dogs or recognised assistance dogs travel free on both buses and trams.

Eating and Drinking

Please note there is no eating or drinking allowed on any vehicles.  We do not want to inconvenience other customers with the possibility of creating soiled seating and other Health and Safety Hazards.

Job Centre Plus Discount Cards

If you are in receipt of a Job Centre Plus discount card you can travel for the child fare of £1 per journey on our network of buses and trams.  This discount does not apply to 1 day , 3 day, weekly or monthly tickets.

Lost Property

If you leave something on one of our buses or trams please contact one of the travel centres mentioned at the bottom of the page or on the contacts tab.  Our staff can let you know if the property has been found and handed in.  All lost property is kept at our head office at Rigby Road. Proof of identity is required when collecting items i.e. passport, driving licence, utility bill.  There is a small administration charge (£1) payable when lost items are collected.

Mobility Scooters

Whilst there is no legal requirements to carry mobility scooters customers, we are keen to welcome customers who use one, whenever it is safe to do so.

A Code of conduct has been developed jointly by CPT (Confederation of Passengers Transport, the trade body representing bus, tram and coach operators in the UK) and the Department for Transport.  Unfortunately, as mobility scooters are not built to recognised common standards, anyone wishing to travel by bus or tram in a scooter will need to have their individual scooters approved as suitable.  Blackpool Transport has signed up for this code and we will be pleased to supply more detailed information to assist any customers in applying for a scooter permit.


Please note unfolded bikes and scooters cannot be carried on trams or buses due to the difficulty of stowing them safely on our vehicles.

Fold up bikes and scooters can be carried as long as they are folded, in a case and can be stowed safely.  They will then be constituted as an item of luggage.


Please note there is no smoking on any Blackpool Transport buses or trams.  This includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Wheelchair/Pushchair space

All of our modern light rail trams are wheelchair accessible and our low floor buses are designed to allow wheelchair users to access our services. 

Many of our buses have space for only one wheelchair user or one pushchair. Neither wheelchair users or pushchair users have priority over the other. In instances where a wheelchair user wishes to board and the space is already occupied by a pushchair, the driver may ask the pushchair user if the pushchair can be folded to make space for the wheelchair user. It is at the discretion of the customer as to whether they are able to fold down their pushchair to make space for a wheelchair user.

Unfolded pushchairs cannot be placed in the vehicle gangway (walking area between seats) If you have a pushchair, you should be able to board any low floor bus unless in the driver’s opinion it is so crowded that there is no room for you to travel safely.

You will only be refused entry when it is absolutely necessary  - no one already travelling will be asked to leave the bus.


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