Getting to and from Lytham Festival 2022

1 month ago Fri 17th Jun 2022

2022 is going to be the biggest year Lytham Festival has ever had. Massive pop stars such as Lewis Capaldi, Diana Ross, Simply Red, Tears for Fears and more will take centre stage over 10 different days. It's going to be a memorable event and we want to do our part to get you there and back safely.

Getting to Lytham Festival

Both our services 11 & 17 frequently run throughout the day and every 30 minutes in the evening. You can catch our service 11 from the MA1 stop or service 17 from the MA5 stop, both on Market Street in Blackpool Town Centre.

Service 11 timetable 

Service 17 timetable

Make sure to change the date to match when you're travelling.

Alternatively, you can plan your journey with us to Lytham Festival here.

Leaving Lytham Festival

Each night the festival is on, we will be running buses from Lytham until Midnight, meaning you can catch a bus from Lytham roughly every 15 minutes. It will be very busy though, so don't leave it until the last bus to get home.

Additionally, there will be an extra tram or bus where possible leaving Starr Gate at 23:30 for customers to travel towards Cleveleys where the service will end.

Where can I board my bus?

You can catch our service 11 from West Beach which is just next to Queen Street. It's a short walk from Lytham Windmill along the Promenade, follow signs to our service 11 or Click here to see where you can board on the map.

From here the 11 will continue along West Beach and Seafield Road and continue its normal route to Blackpool at Church Street.

You can catch our service 17 from Lytham Square where the service will terminate/start from.

We’ll have colleagues in the area who will be more than happy to help guide you to your ride home, just look out for friendly faces in BTS hi-vis. 

Buying your bus ticket

The Lytham Festival Event Ticket

Exclusive to those getting to and from Lytham Festival, you can grab a Lytham Festival Event ticket. It's the best value way to travel at £4 for a 1 zone return or £5 for a 2 zone return. Just pay onboard your bus with a contactless card, smartphone or cash! 

Our zonal map shows you how much you'll be charged for your journey, travelling in the same zone is classed as a 1 zone return, if you cross zones you will be charged for a 2 zone return. See our zonal map to view our different zones and see how much your return will cost.

Other ways to pay

You can always download the mobile app to purchase tickets. (Excluding the Lytham Festival Event Ticket) Our app comes ready with timetables, journey planning and more to make your journey as easy as possible.

If you’re not sure which ticket you’ll need, all of our buses now accept contactless payments! Simply tap on the machine when you board, tap on the exit machine to your left when you leave and you’ll be charged the cheapest single fare every time. Tap&Go, Simple!

The buses are extremely busy when departing Lytham and we advise you not to wait until the very last bus to get home. We can’t guarantee that there will be space for everybody, so please ensure that you arrive at the stop with plenty of time to spare.

If you need any help with journey planning before the event, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.