10 year LRT anniversary: Chat with Darren


Darren Tingle
Current job role:

Tram Driver and Chairman of the union
When did you join BTS and what was your role when you joined?

8th March 2012 as a permanent conductor
What is one thing you like to do when you’re not working? 

Under the guise of being a very minor media celebrity I am lead presenter of Bay Trust Radio, which I have been volunteering for over 11 years. The radio station covers the hospitals of Blackpool, Lancaster and Kendal and on the internet and DAB plus for North Lancashire.
DJ/party host for celebrations across the North West in my spare time.

As a former footballer with Aldershot Town FC, I have a keen interest in their fortune being both a fan and former shareholder. As Aldershot have a mixed fortune, I also support Manchester City, the only team that plays in Manchester, making Manchester blue!! (Not quite sure about this Darren, nearly didn't make the edit!)

As a poster boy for BTS, I have the perfect face for both radio and a back end of a bus.

Please tell me one fun fact about yourself that people may not know:
First world champion of Bar Skittles.

Was on Granada News multiple times for charity events including the World Black Pudding Throwing Championship, trying to get the sport recognised as an introductory event into the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. To this day, it is still held in September in the town of Ramsbottom. 
Please could you tell me a story from the last ten years on LRT that really sticks out in your memory? 

I started this job following my move to Cleveleys after having multiple businesses in the hospitality industry and not wanting the pressure that you are under. I looked forward to a job with regular hours and regular pay. Thought it would do until something better came along but still here so it can’t all be bad!

During my time here at BTS, I was voted as a union workplace rep and more recently, I was voted to become the new Chairman of the union so it means a lot to have the support of the staff. Going forward in this role, I want to try and make employment with Blackpool Transport seen in a positive way.
If you wrote a book about the last ten years, what would you call it?

Next stop…Fleetwood Ferry. Ding Ding
What do you think is the most important part of your job?

Being part of a team that keeps the Fylde Coast moving safely and on time. I feel proud of the achievements that the staff at Starr Gate have achieved in the last 10 years and the way they all worked through Covid.
Anything else to share with colleagues or customers?

Moving forward I would like to work closely with management and staff to benefit BTS as a whole and keep the tramway at the forefront of public transport along the Fylde Coast.
Roll on the next 10 years!