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Bus service information

Bus service information

The new Blackpool Transport guides are now in stock at our Travel centres, call in for a free copy.  If you need help with buying a ticket or getting around please visit our helpful staff at our Travel Centres in  Market Street next to BHS in Blackpool Town Centre (open daily) or our main office at Rigby Road (open Monday - Friday)

You can download the current individual timetables for bus services below.  Timetables from the 9th November will appear shortly.

From Sunday 9th November 2014 there will be changes to the following timetables:

Service 1: Return to every 20 minutes from current 15 minutes.  Buses timed to give a 10 minute servcie with trams to Fleetwood during the day and 15 minute with trams in the evening.

Service 2:  Evening times standarised across 7 nights of the week.  Sunday times changedto copy evening running times.

Service 3: Route given addtional running times and interworks with service 4 at Mereside Tesco.

Service 4: Service 4 to interwork with service 3 at Mereside Tesco. Improved service along Warbreck Drive, new timetable to provide a 12/8 minute servcie between Bispham Hotel and Blackpool Town Centre and a 10 minute service between Blackpool Town Centre and the Bispham Hotel.

Service 5:  Standardised evening running times across 7 nights of the week.

Service 7 : Improved timetables.

Service 9:  Standardised evening running times and retimed to connect with service 5 at Layton Square making a better connection to/from Victoria Hospital.

Service 10: Minor timing change to give buses more time to get between Rigby Road and the Town Centre.

Service 11: Improved timetables. Will no longer serve Commonside but will operate via Albany Road and Blackpool Road.

Service 14: Additional resorces have been allocated to this service.  More running times allocated to help improve reliability.

Services 16 and 17: no change

# Service PDF
01 Starr Gate to Fleetwood Freeport via the sea front attractions & Blackpool Town Centre Download
02 Poulton to Blackpool Town Centre Download
02c Knott End to Blackpool Town Centre Download
03 Mereside Tesco to Cleveleys Park via Blackpool Town Centre Download
04 Mereside Tesco to Cleveleys Centre via Blackpool Town Centre Download
05 Victoria Hospital to Halfway House via Blackpool Town Centre Download
07 Lytham (Saltcotes Rd) to Cleveleys Bus Station via Blackpool Town Centre Download
09 Blackpool Town Centre to Cleveleys bus station Download
10 Blackpool Town Centre to Midgeland Road Download
11 Lytham (Saltcotes Rd) to Grange Park via Blackpool Town Centre Download
14 Peel Park to Fleetwood Ferry via Blackpool Town Centre Download
16 Poulton to Blackpool North Railway Station Download
17 Blackpool Town Centre to St Annes Square Download
20 Marton Mere Camp via the Zoo, Model Village, Stanley Park to Blackpool Town Centre Download

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