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We’re listening - Change to morning tram times

Published on 16/11/2016 Click here to go back

We’re listening - Change to morning tram times

We recently implemented a service change on Sunday 6th November 2016 as a result of Crossley’s Bridge closing on Plymouth Road.

This also means that our Tram Timetable changed to our Winter operating times.

As a result of the bridge closure, more of our customers are using the trams in the morning and as a result, some journeys have become extremely busy.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and from Monday 21st November we’ll be increasing the frequency Monday - Friday between 6am – 8am. This means that there is a slight change to the timetable, as detailed below.

The change means that there are now 2 extra trams from Starr Gate – Fleetwood, and one extra tram from Fleetwood – Starr Gate. 

We hope this change will make your morning commute just that little bit easier. As always, if you have any feedback regarding our services please speak to us via email, phone, in person or on social media.


T: 01253 473001

Facebook: BlackpoolTransportServices

Twitter: @BPL_Transport

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