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Changes to where your bus will stop in the town centre

Published on 15/02/2017 Click here to go back

Transport Hub – Market Street closure

Monday 20th February – Sunday 14th May

Market Street (from West Street onwards) will be closed from Monday 20th February to allow for improvements to take place in the area. This will provide improved access to bus stops for both customers and buses, and allow for an additional stop to be created.

During this period we will be unable to use bus stops MA1, MA2 & MA3 on Market Street, which means that the stopping locations in the town centre will temporarily change. Phase 1 of this project will run from Monday 20th February - Saturday 1st April. 

Phase 2 will commence from 2nd April - 14th May. The map with stopping locations can be seen below.

Please use the map and information below to find out where your bus will stop during this period. 

If you need any help with journey planning or further information, get in touch with our team by clicking HERE.

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