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Change to Timetable displays at bus stops

Published on 05/04/2016 Click here to go back

Change to Timetable displays at bus stops

We have received a sizeable number of comments from our customers regarding the times of bus departures compared to the times displayed on bus stops.

The times shown at bus stops used to be worked out by our timetabling computer software and even though this is a good guideline, it is impossible to always be on time because of unknowns such as road works, heavy traffic and road traffic accidents. 

We have now changed the way we show our bus times and we are using “Timing Points”.

Timing Points are a number of chosen bus stops along every route that drivers use to check their timings. The information you can see at this bus stop tells you the time that the bus left the last timing point. 

When you are looking up the time of your bus, please make sure that you are at your bus stop for the time it says for the last timing point. This means that you won’t miss your bus!

For those who prefer to view estimated times, these are still available through the Traveline network. Further details can be found at,, or through mobile phone apps such as BusChecker, Catch That Bus!, Traveline App or Moovit.

You can find all of our timetables at or paper copies can be obtained from our Travel Shop on Market Street & Rigby Road, from the Tourist Information Centre, your local library or at many NHS Health Centres and Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

If you need any help to plan your trip, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

Telephone: 01253 473001


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Twitter: @BPL_Transport

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