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Service 9 & 9a - Changes from 3rd September 2016

We recently implemented an amended timetable on Service 9 & 9a in an attempt to combat large delays and disruptions to the service as a result of the ongoing roadworks at Crossleys Bridge on Plymouth Road. The roadworks, which reduce traffic to a single lane in both directions are causing congestion during peak times throughout the day and are due to be in place until 6th November 2016.

By amending the timetable we have added two extra buses to the route, meaning that we are able to maintain a combined 10 minute frequency whilst also adding 10 minutes of extra time to each journey. This extra time has been allocated to the section of the route between Layton and Bispham, and means that each journey will have more time to get through the heavy congestion.

An unfortunate result of adding more time to each journey does mean that during quieter periods, some buses will be required to wait out a larger amount of time at the timing point following the roadworks. We understand that this isn't ideal for customers wishing to get to their destination, but hope that this is preferable to us operating a more unreliable service.

The Saturday timetable on this service has also been amended as part of our Saturday illuminations timetables and details of all of these changes can be found HERE.

From Monday 7th November 2016, the bridge on Plymouth Road is due to close entirely for approximately 5 months. This will have a huge impact on Service 9/9a along with other services in the Layton area and we will be posting details of our plans during this closure very shortly.

You can find a copy of the up to date Service 9/9a timetable by clicking HERE, or pick up a paper copy from our Customer Centre on Market Street or Rigby Road.

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